Inspired Cuisine Options

Our team is constantly creating and designing innovative and interesting dishes to inspire you. We select only the freshest and highest quality ingredients that are available locally. Then we combine those ingredients with that special “sazón” and flavor for which Roberto Valle Hernández has been known for.


Are you ready to be inspired?

All prices are in MXN pesos and include 8% sales tax, gratuity not included.
If you would like to pay in USD, please check the posted exchange rate for dollar conversion.
A $45 peso charge will apply on split starters and entrées.
    • Starters and Gastro Tapas

      Begin your inspired cuisine adventure with one of our carefully crafted appetizers.

    • Tacos (with three salsas)

      Tacos (with three salsas)


      Flank skirt steak
      Chicken breast
      Grilled shrimp
      Beef tongue
      Lamb shank
      Duck confit

    • Pacific abalone veloute

    • Ajenjo tortilla soup (gluten free)


      Prepared with crème fraiche, avocado and cheese

    • Cream of butternut squash



    • Ajenjo salad (gluten free)

      $110 (small)
      $135 (large)

      Romaine lettuce, pear, caramelized pecans with Roquefort and goat cheese dressing

    • Quinoa, pecan, date, tomato salad with artichoke vinaigrette


      Can be ordered with grilled chicken breast for an additional $50

    • Beet and carrot salad


      Garnished with roasted pistachios and goat cheese (gluten free)

    • Traditional Caesar's salad (gluten free)

      $80 (small)
      $120 (large)

      Can be ordered with grilled chicken breast for an additional $40

    • Asian seared tuna salad


      (Gluten free)

    • Coconut crusted calamari


      Garnished with a homemade apricot-habanero sauce

    • Yellow fin tuna (thinly sliced)


      Comes with rice noodles and is complemented by an oyster-sesame sauce (gluten free)

    • Roast duck ravioli


      Paired with our homemade plum-orange sauce

    • Corn tamale


      Stuffed with sautéed shrimp and served with a lobster sauce


    • Specialties

      Continue your inspired cuisine adventure with specialities from our owner and chef, Roberto Valle Hernández.

    • “Ajenjo” lobster burrito


      Our world famous specialty is prepared with manchego cheese, avocado, cabbage. A fresh mango-chipotle salsa complements this speciality and is served with rice and beans

    • Grilled filet of Alaskan salmon


      Prepared with a fennel cream sauce and served with quinoa.

    • Shrimp casserole “Ajenjo” (gluten free)


      Our locally sourced shrimp are sautéed in absinth, cheese and basil cream gratin, then served with corn kernels and cactus paddle julienne

    • Cuitlacoche (pronounced QUEET-la-coh-chay)


      Traditional Mexican corn husk truffle served with risotto, grilled chicken breast and truffle essence

    • Crusted catch of the day (select white fish)

      Crusted catch of the day (select white fish)


      Locally sourced white fish encrusted with a mixture of ground pistachio, macadamia, coconut and habanero fumet, then served with cilantro risotto and seasonal vegetables

    • Linguine pasta, sautéed calamari and mussels, with pesto

    • Chicken, spinach and corn crepes with cream of cuitlacoche


      Served with rice pilaf and seasonal vegetables

    • Seared yellow fin tuna medallion (gluten free and low fat)

      Seared yellow fin tuna medallion (gluten free and low fat)


      Served with sautéed mussels, mussel sauce, and wild rice

    • Shrimp filled cannelloni with lobster sauce


      Served with bell pepper, parmesan cheese and seasonal vegetables

    • Chicken breast crusted in pork rind


      Stuffed with cream cheese and basil and served with a pipian sauce

    • New Zealand rack of lamb (gluten free and low fat)

      New Zealand rack of lamb (gluten free and low fat)


      Served with a rosemary demi-glace, then served with your choice of either a mushroom risotto or a sweet potato puréee, and seasonal vegetables

    • Select cuts of Charbroiled beef


      Each cut is prime Sonoran beef from Rancho 17. Prepared with a Cabernet and rosemary demi-glace, with your choice of mushroom risotto or sweet potato purée, and seasonal vegetables

      Rib eye (350 gr. or 12 oz.)
      Filet mignon (225 gr. or 8 oz.)
      New York strip (350 gr. or 12 oz.)
      Arrachera flank skirt steak (250 gr. or 9 oz.)


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