• Starters and Gastro Tapas

      Begin your inspired cuisine adventure with one of our carefully crafted appetizers.

    • Tacos (with three salsas)

      Tacos (with three salsas)


      Flank skirt steak
      Chicken breast
      Grilled shrimp
      Beef tongue
      Lamb shank
      Duck confit

    • Pacific abalone veloute

    • Ajenjo tortilla soup (gluten free)


      Prepared with crème fraiche, avocado and cheese

    • Cream of butternut squash



    • Ajenjo salad (gluten free)

      $110 (small)
      $135 (large)

      Romaine lettuce, pear, caramelized pecans with Roquefort and goat cheese dressing

    • Quinoa, pecan, date, tomato salad with artichoke vinaigrette


      Can be ordered with grilled chicken breast for an additional $50

    • Beet and carrot salad


      Garnished with roasted pistachios and goat cheese (gluten free)

    • Traditional Caesar's salad (gluten free)

      $80 (small)
      $120 (large)

      Can be ordered with grilled chicken breast for an additional $40

    • Asian seared tuna salad


      (Gluten free)

    • Coconut crusted calamari


      Garnished with a homemade apricot-habanero sauce

    • Yellow fin tuna (thinly sliced)


      Comes with rice noodles and is complemented by an oyster-sesame sauce (gluten free)

    • Roast duck ravioli


      Paired with our homemade plum-orange sauce

    • Corn tamale


      Stuffed with sautéed shrimp and served with a lobster sauce


Ajenjo Restaurant Rosarito, BC

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